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Can I use a logo you sent me for a left chest on a full back?

    No. When a file is digitized it is turned into a series of points (x,y) that make up one stitch to another. If you take a file made up of 5,000 stitches that is meant for a left chest and try to use the same 5,000 points but stretch them over a much larger area, your points will be too far apart causing baggy stitches and there will not be nearly enough to cover two or 3 times the area. The same is true for the opposite if you take a design made up of 15,000 stitches and try to jam them into a small 3.5"x3.5" area you will end up with a giant knotted mess.


    We always suggest re-digitizing the logo if we are asked to re-size it up to 25%. That is for best effect after sewing out.

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